At present, there are two delivery methods available:

Port pick up: delivery to port, buyer pick up, CIF to port price

Door to door: delivery to door, CIF arrival price + customs clearance, tax, domestic freight, etc

Because of the characteristics of wholesale goods, the delivery time is generally about 30 days, which needs to be negotiated with the merchants

matters needing attention:

1. In case of large-scale activities such as double 11, anniversary celebration, or due to force majeure such as typhoon, rainstorm and fog, the arrival time of the order will be determined according to the specific arrival situation.

2. Part of the information inquired by the order logistics tracking function provided by the purchase and enjoyment platform comes from the official website of the cooperative express company. Due to the untimely synchronization of some information on the official website, there may be delay in updating. Please understand the inconvenience caused to you.