1. What are the return requirements?

If any quality problem is found, the customer can submit the return application within 7 days after receiving the goods. We will provide professional after-sales personnel to provide after-sales service. When returning goods, please keep:

1. The goods are in good condition, the original package of the manufacturer is complete, and the relevant accessories (accessories) are complete;

2. There are no scratches, abrasions, bumps, use, disassembly and other marks on the surface of commodities and related accessories (accessories);

3. The label or other anti-counterfeiting measures are not scratched, torn, modified and modified (if any);

4. There is no loss or damage.

In particular, the above-mentioned return application will not be processed under the following circumstances:

1. Any goods not sold through the platform will not be returned;

2. If the serial number of 3C digital products is inconsistent with the goods delivered from the warehouse, no return is allowed;

3. The product page clearly informs that the goods under temporary insurance will not be returned; those over insured will not be returned;

4. Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid injection, accident, modification, incorrect installation, etc., or the goods are not in good condition or cannot be judged whether the goods are sold through the purchase and enjoyment platform due to the damage and alteration of labels, machine serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc;

5. The goods with missing accessories and warranty cards or unable to match the main products shall not be returned;

6. Product pictures and information on the webpage are for reference only. Color difference between the real object and the webpage publicity picture may be caused by the problems of shooting light and color difference of different monitors, which is not a quality problem and shall not be returned;

7. If the customer misreported the reason of return due to the difference between the customer's personal ability or use environment and the commodity property, the product will not be returned;

8. Other commodities that do not support the return of goods according to law or the detailed rules of these Rules shall not be returned.

2. What is the return process?

The first step is to fill in the return application

Please enter "personal center → my order" within the return period (please pay attention to the product description), click "apply for after sales" to fill in the return application.

Second, wait for the seller to confirm

After the return application is submitted, the seller will complete the confirmation within 3 days. The confirmation result will be communicated with you through SMS and email. If you refuse to return the goods, you can contact our customer service staff by contacting the customer service manager.

The third step is to send the returned goods

After the return application is passed, please send it back by ordinary express according to the address provided by SMS and return page.

If you need the seller to bear the freight, please pay the freight in advance, and do not receive the payment for the time being.

After the returned goods are sent out, please update the return logistics information according to the requirements on the order return page.

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of your goods, please make sure that the logistics information is true and effective, and keep your contact number unblocked.

(if you do not provide the name of the return logistics company and waybill information within 14 days from the date of passing the return application, then your application form will automatically be closed if it is not approved.)

The fourth step, after the seller receives the return, confirms to complete the refund

After the seller receives the returned goods, we will send a refund within 7 working days. Refund and freight will be returned in cash to your account when you place the order according to your payment method at the time of purchase.

be careful:

1. If the goods do not comply with the return policy announced by the seller in the store, the freight will be borne by you, and you need to bear the freight of the goods returned;

2. If the goods are returned without applying for after-sales service or failing to pass the examination, the loss caused by the loss of goods and the wrong mailing address shall be borne by the user, and the Seller shall have the right to charge the user for the mailing fee.

3. What are the return details?

Return type

Situation classification

Supplementary notes

quality problem

The original of the test report or the certificate of quality problem confirmed by the brand party shall be issued, and pictures or videos shall be provided at the same time

The return postage shall be borne by the seller


Leakage loss missing

The goods are damaged, spilled and damaged in the process of logistics, including but not limited to the above situations, which are verified to be true after sales

It is necessary to provide physical picture information so as to ensure the timeliness of the after-sale processing. The Seller shall bear the return postage

The goods are in good condition

The seller confirms that the return is due to the user's personal reasons

It is necessary to provide physical picture information for after-sales service to ensure the timeliness of processing. The purchase and return postage shall be borne by the customer

4. What are the specific return criteria?

1. After the user confirms the receipt of the goods, the customer can submit a return application on the premise that it is not the customer's responsibility. Non customer liability generally refers to the situation that is not caused by customers, such as: damage and leakage caused by logistics links, quality problems of goods itself, seller's wrong delivery and lack of delivery, and completely inconsistent with the information description on the front page;

2. For the goods sold in combination, only single or multiple goods meeting the above-mentioned return standards are provided with return service, and not extended to all the combined goods;

3. In case of return of goods purchased with special offers such as coupons or full refund activities, conversion shall be made according to the actual amount paid by you, and then return settlement shall be conducted. (the discount obtained / enjoyed refers to the amount of the full amount of the whole commodity and the full amount of the single product.) When the complete order is returned, the cash coupon can be returned (the coupon will not be returned if the coupon is invalid due to the return), and the coupon will not be returned when the coupon is fully reduced.